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Wood Roofing offers a wide range of commercial waterproofing solutions to solve your building envelope's needs. With over 65 years of experience servicing our customers across Central Iowa and the midwest, we have the insight, knowledge and resources needed to ensure our systems perform to the highest standards of excellence. Contact a Wood Roofing sales professional today to find out how our extensive inspection processes can guarantee the right roof system is selected for your business or organization's needs.


Our Waterproofing Services

Roof Restoration & Coatings


Wood Roofing's service process for a new roof coating always begins with our customers reaching out to schedule a roof survey and inspection to ensure the right plan is in place to move forward. From theres, debris is cleared, fasteners are replaced or tightened, new patches installed and rust removed as necessary. Finally, we'll prime the roof, seal everything, and apply a premium coating that will last 10-20 years.

Wall Restoration & Coatings


Wood Roofing offers wall restoration and coating services for both EIFS wall systems (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) and masonry. We can handle restoration on many levels from simply cleaning the surface or replacing the sealant throughout to applying an elastomeric coating to the surface or replacing sections of the wall system that have deteriorated over time.

Below Grade Waterproofing


Wood Roofing's below grade waterproofing process starts with a comprehensive investigation into the water table level your foundation is built at while assessing the risk of rising ground water levels due to potential high rainfall or flooding. Our policy insists on offering a combination of mechanical solutions as well as a variety of waterproofing membranes resulting in zero lateral water migration.

Skylight & Greenhouse Restoration


Wood Roofing services a variety of customers that have skylights and greenhouse panels installed on their roofs. With skylights, often times weather conditions cause damaged flashing systems or cracked materials that need to be replaced. Wood Roofing offers a variety of restoration services for your green house panel system as well including comprehensive inspection and consultation and sealant coatings to installation and replacement.


Inspection & Consultation Services


Done Right By Professionals You Can Trust.


Whether you own a small business around the corner or you manage multiple facilities, Schools, Hospitals or Manufacturing Facilities, Wood Roofing can customize an annual or bi-annual Inspection program to meet your needs. Both fee based and non-fee based programs are available to help you manage and forecast your roof and building envelope needs for the future.


While our core business is within a 90 mile radius of Des Moines, we do travel a 7 State area of the upper Midwest for fee based inspections and facility reports.


Our decades of experience can provide consultation and problem solving recommendations to a wide variety of professionals in the construction industry. We specialize in consultation services for architects, building owners, organizational administrators, property managers and engineers. Our services are tailored to ensure our expertise knows what it is talking about and can provide the solutions you are looking for.

Need An Inspection Or Consultation Service? Submit a ticket with our online form and a service professional will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also call us at 515.244.2711 for a quicker response.

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