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About Us


To be a thriving building owner's preferred resource to manage, maintain and install commercial roof systems with commitment, competence and care. To always keep family business values at the core of our decisions and provide a workplace for our employees that is safe and satisfying.

Harnessing The Elements With Commitment, Competence & Care

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If you're looking for high quality, personal and professional service, you've come to the right place. At Wood Roofing Company we approach every one of our projects with Commitment, Competence and Care.


Wood Roofing Company is a Union Contractor with a highly trained staff and a long history of providing amazing customer service combined with unequaled Safety commitments to our customers and our employees. We are equipped to handle projects of any magnitude regardless of size or scope and hold our ability to deliver the highest quality product, completed on time and on budget, in the highest regard.


Let us put our experience and care to work for you.

A Record Of
Safety First



OSHA Penalties



There isn't any need to cross our fingers in hopes that we don't jinx our perfect record of zero fatalities, zero OSHA penalties and an untarnished record maintaining a safe workplace for everyone of our employees and customers. It is instilled in our culture and our beliefs that a safe workforce is one of the most important and essential responsibilities we can provide. It's more than a's a right.

It's also one of the reasons our customers prefer our workforce over the competition. We ensure every job gets done to our customer's specifications and satisfaction while maintaining every safety protocol is followed above and beyond.

Proud To Serve
Our Community

"Wood Roofing is proud to name many of the school systems and educational facilities in Central Iowa our clients. Maintaining stable and durable roofing solutions for our children is a paramount responsibility for our company and you can be assured we will continue to apply our experience and professionalism to ensuring our educational clients can keep a roof over their student's heads into the future."

Kevin Alderman, Wood Roofing & Sheet Metal President

A Responsibility
We Take Seriously

Wood Roofing services many of the educational and school systems across Central Iowa. If we were to be bold enough, we would even say it is one of our specialties. Our company also gives in-kind services, products and donations to a variety of organizations in need including but not limited to: Junior Achievement of Central Iowa, Special Olympics, The Des Moines Botanical Garden, Habitat For Humanity and Mercy Foundation - Des Moines.

Wood Roofing Collaboration The Des Moines Register


The Des Moines Register

Four Iowa roofing contractors used to competing against each other for projects came together to repair the roof at Junior Achievement of...

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