Our Waterproofing Solutions

Wood Roofing offers a wide range of commercial waterproofing solutions to solve your building envelope's needs. With over 65 years of experience servicing our customers across Central Iowa and the midwest, we have the insight, knowledge and resources needed to ensure our systems perform to the highest standards of excellence. Contact a Wood Roofing sales professional today to find out how our extensive inspection processes can guarantee the right roof system is selected for your business or organization's needs.



Roof Restoration & Coatings


An Economical Solution To Increasing The Lifespan Of Your Roof



Wood Roofing's process for a new roof coating begins with a roof survey and inspection. Debris is then cleaned from the roof surface, fasteners are replaced or tightened, new patches installed and rust removed as necessary. If there are places with crushed insulation, we will cut out the bad sections of the roof and replace with new recovery board and reinstall the cut out single ply. We then prime the roof using a top performing primer to inhibit rust we then seal all horizontal and vertical seams as well as any fasteners.

Next, the roof is primed using a high-grade primer to inhibit rust, all horizontal and vertical seams and fasteners are sealed. Finally, a premium coating is applied to the appropriate thickness, which is thicker than most available single ply roof membranes. The result is a single ply, monolithic system that is watertight and durable. Under normal conditions this commercial roof coating lasts as long or longer than the roof – typically 10 to 20 years.



Wall Restoration & Coatings




EIFS Wall Systems & Masonry Restoration & Coatings


EIFS Wall System Restoration

An EIFS Wall System (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) is a non-load bearing, exterior wall cladding system that consists of an insulation board attached either adhesively or mechanically, or both, to the substrate; an integrally reinforced base coat; and a textured protective finish coat.

Wood Roofing's process for EIFS restoration starts with a comprehensive inspection of your building's envelope to establish exactly what it is that you need to increase the lifespan of your EIFS wall system. We can handle restoration on many levels from simply cleaning the surface or replacing the sealant throughout to applying an elastomeric coating to the surface or replacing sections of the wall system that have deteriorated over time.

Masonry Restoration & Coatings

Masonry restoration is the phrase used for working with any form of masonry on an existing commercial building that does not encompass actually building it. Wood Roofing specializes but is not limited to working with concrete, brick and block wall systems through our cleaning, waterproofing and sealant services.

Our process always starts with an inspection to ensure all relevant services are brought to the table to ensure the work we do has a lasting effect on your building's envelope. Our services range from sealant application and replacement to clear coating the entire wall system with a waterproofing agent capable of keeping your building watertight for years to come.


Below Grade


Ensuring Your Building's Foundation Is Waterproofed Throughout



Wood Roofing's below grade waterproofing process starts with a comprehensive investigation into the water table level your foundation is built at while assessing the risk of rising ground water levels due to potential high rainfall or flooding. Our policy insists on offering a combination of mechanical solutions as well as a variety of waterproofing membranes resulting in zero lateral water migration.

We evaluate the weather conditions of your geographical location, the building material being waterproofed and the entrance and exit points of various utility constructs. Additionally, it is incredibly important to evaluate what combination of materials and sealants to use for the following: wall-to-footing connections, penetrations, cold-pour joints, inside and outside corners, membrane terminations, expansion joints and tie-ins to the below-slab vapor barrier.


Skylight & Greenhouse Restoration


Skylight & Greenhouse Panel Restoration & Replacement


Skylight Panels

Wood Roofing services a variety of customers that have skylights installed on their roofs. Sometimes weather conditions may result in damaged flashing systems or cracked materials. From time to time, the clear sealant breaks down and causes discoloration to the skylight resulting in the need for replacement. Regardless of the situation, Wood Roofing can help you establish solutions for your commercial skylight panels that keep you dry and basking in the natural light.

Greenhouse Panels

As green houses how grown in popularity, so has the need for replacement and restoration. Wood Roofing offers a variety of restoration services for your green house panel system including comprehensive inspection and consultation and sealant coatings to installation and replacement.


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