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Wood Roofing & Sheet Metal pride ourselves on the fact we design and fabricate all of our own architectural sheet metal solutions right here in our own fully staffed sheet metal shop Des Moines, Iowa. We stock most standard colors and specialized copper. Orders are processed in a timely manner to meet your project deadlines. Our shop is a union sheet metal company. 



Standing Seam

Roof Systems


Exposed Fastener Panels, Concealed Fastener Panels,

Soffit Panels & Curved Roofing Panels

A Sleek Modern Solution w/ Durability

& Performance



A standing seam roof system is defined as a concealed fastener metal panel system that features vertical legs and a broad, flat area between the two legs. It’s also described as having raised seams, or vertical legs, that rise above the level of the panel’s flat area. Standing seam systems can be used for either metal roofing, which is the most common, or metal walls.



NO EXPOSED FASTENERS / Easily one of the biggest benefits of standing seam metal roofing is the fact that no fasteners are visible on the surface, which means they aren’t exposed to UV, moisture, wind, and other elements that can cause a fastener to wear or fail over time.


HIGH STANDARD PERFORMANCE / Reputable manufacturers test their standing seam metal roofing systems to the high standards set forth by the industry, which means they are classified as engineered systems proven to perform in extreme weather.

THERMAL MOVEMENT / Standing seam metal roofing systems allow for the expansion and contraction most roofing systems undergo due to thermal fluctuations.

SLEEK & MODERN LOOK / Standing seam is becoming more and more popular in architectural applications because of its modern and clean look. In addition to the sleek, straight lines offered by these panel systems, the metal can come in virtually any color, including custom colors, to match any structure. Standing seam systems can be used on structures with many different planes and sophisticated, complex designs, which is another reason why architects are specifying standing seam profiles more and more.

ENERGY EFFICIENT / Standing seam systems are frequently made with cool roofing coil that have highly reflective pigments and highly emissive metal. This means these systems do an excellent job of reflecting the sun’s rays and dispelling the associated radiant heat that other roofing types may retain.

Custom Sheet

Metal Fabrication


Custom Copper Fabrication


Wood Roofing specializes in the fabrication of copper panels, roofing systems and restoration. We have over 65 years of experience working on some of the most delicate structures in the Central Iowa and midwest regions. Our union sheet metal shop can fabricate most specifications needed for any job and take pride in leading the development of standard and unique solutions in the marketplace.

Not every sheet metal shop in Central Iowa can work with such a delicate metal. Contact us today to see if we can help you fabricate and restore your copper roofing system to glory!


Custom Flashing Fabrication


One of the biggest advantages with working with Wood Roofing & Sheet Metal is that we have the extensive capabilities of fabricating all of our own sheet metal flashing. We can guarantee that out full service sheet metal shop can fabricate whatever your specifications desire while ensuring the installation process is professionally administered. Our experience guarantees the longevity of your roof while preventing any unnessesary roof repairs in the process.


Our union sheet metal shop can create and install any sheet metal flashings needed for your roof systems. Whether you want galvanized, stainless steel or any other type of sheet metal roofing or edge details, we can fabricate and install it.


Brick & Mason Flashing 

Door Flashing


Custom Sign Flashing

Window Flashing


Metal Panels


Wood Roofing offers a wide variety of the best quality materials in the architectural wall cladding industry. In the architecture and building market, nothing’s more important than a bold idea being implemented successfully. That’s why around the world, architects rely on our connection to some of the most innovative panels on the market to amplify the visual impact of their ideas. Offering long-term, cost-effective, consistent solutions, our panels are durable, weather resistant, lightweight, flexible, and easy to fabricate and maintain. They’re available in a nearly limitless array of stock and custom finish options.







Box Style Gutters, K Style Gutters, Half Round Gutters & Seamless Gutter Systems

It's Our Business To Ensure Our Roofing Solutions Keep You Dry


Whether you are looking for box, k style, half round or seamless gutter systems, our union sheet metal shop can deliver! We specialize in providing rain solutions that ensure water stays away from your building structure and delivers it where it is properly graded. We can fabricate any solution you are looking for and can guarantee all of our products deliver the durability and longevity needed to keep you dry all year round.



Screen Walls

Customized Modern Elegance You Can't Get Anywhere Else


Many of our customers require specific architectural solutions to fit unique and innovative specialized needs. Luckily our sheet metal division has decades of experience fabricating some of the most complex architectural screen walls on the market. We can ensure your vision is matched with the quality, elegance and beauty your building needs while maintaining the quality and durability you can expect from a manufacturer dedicated to commitment, competence and care.



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